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Congratulations to Prof Humblet-Baron!

Congratulations to Dr Stéphanie Humblet-Baron, who was just awarded the prestigious (and highly competitive) BOF-ZAP award. With this award Stéphanie starts a tenure-track research professorship and her own independent group.

The success of both Prof Humblet-Baron and Prof Schlenner at the BOF-ZAP awards puts the Translational Immunology laboratory in a great position. Going forward from my move to the Babraham, Prof Schlenner is leading the mouse immunology research and Prof Humblet-Baron is leading the clinical immunology research program.

Leaving two such talented and determined women to take over my lab, and push it to new heights, is my proudest legacy of 10 years in Leuven.

The Humblet-Baron team will develop and use cutting-edge systems immunology approach to study the many diseases in which the immune system places a key role, from primary immunodeficiency to infections to cancer to neurodegeneration. Watch out for great things new Prof Humblet-Baron is here!

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