Babraham Institute

Liston Lab

The Liston Lab works on the interface between regulatory T cells and the tissues, focussing on developing new tools to reveal novel biology.

The Liston lab welcomes collaboration or contract work with industry. We have a deep and versatile skill set, so feel free to contact us at for any proposal.

In particular, the following areas are of high potential for industry collaboration:

Clinical trials collaboration. We have developed a high-depth robust platform for phenotyping the human immune system (published in Nature Immunology). This platform has been validated on 6000+ samples during 6 parallel clinical trials. The platform is recommend for use during clinical trials to aid in: i) drug approval, ii) identification of potential secondary uses, iii) identify new targets via target deconvolution.

Regulatory T cell assays. We are experts at in vivo and in vitro assays for regulatory T cells (Tregs). If you have a drug that may affect function, proliferation, apoptosis, effector T cell response or Treg fate, let us know and we'll test it for you! 

New models for screening anti-diabetic drugs. The big unmet need in type 2 diabetes treatment is a drug to stop the decline in beta cell mass in long-term diabetics. Late stage type 2 diabetes, where the patient progresses to combined insulin deficiency and insulin resistance, is responsible for most of the mortality, morbidity and medical costs of diabetes. Developing a drug to delay or prevent this progression has been complicated by the absence of any mouse model to screen in. We have developed the only mouse system that specifically models this stage of disease (published in Nature Genetics). Contact us to start a new drug screen or to test candidate drugs out.