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Liston Lab

The Liston Lab works on the interface between regulatory T cells and the tissues, focussing on developing new tools to reveal novel biology.

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The Tissue and Disease team is focussed on understanding the interaction of tissues with the immune system during disease development. In many classical models of immune disease, the tissue is considered to be a passive bystander. We consider the target tissue to be a much more dynamic player during disease. We have demonstrated that beta-cells, the target tissue in Type 1 diabetes, vary strongly from individual to individual in their ability to robustly tolerate stress induction, altering the progression to disease. We have investigated the interplay between thymic epithelium and the developing T cell. We are currently working on the interplay between the immune system and the brain, and on developing new technologies to allow easier study of immune cells while in tissues.

Key papers:

Papadopoulou et al, Nature Immunology 2011

Dooley et al, Nature Genetics 2016

The team is funded by the European Research Council (ERC Consolidator grant). We were previously funded by the FWO and JDRF.